Dance company

Founded by Agostina D’Alessandro, a choreographer, dancer and teacher with a special taste for choreographed ensembles, for the fluidity of bodies and the softness of presence, the company is established in Brussels since 2016.

The main artistic research develops a particular vocabulary based on choreographic dialogue with live music and the use of body and voice as expressive tools.

Every new creation is an opportunity to enlarge the artistic vision and to further develop the aesthetic material that gives to the company an unique identity.

One body is not enough

Upcoming Shows

11th & 12th July 2024 - One Body is not Enough
City Museum of Lubjana
31st August 2024 - One Body is not Enough
Platform of Contemporary Dance - Maribor, Slovenia
19>21 November 2023 - One Body is not Enough
Lubijana, Slovenia
18th & 19th March - The Nature of Intimacy
Festival Mars en Baroque - BNM - Marseille, France
16th & 17th June - The Nature of Intimacy
Les Brigittines Playhouse for Mouvement - Brussels, Belgium

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